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We're helping those in need get a vaccine appointment.

Please click the button that applies to you:

The fastest way for us to help is through the forms above. If for any reason you are unable to fill out the forms, please call: 

(631) 246-3344

If you are struggling to secure a COVID vaccine appointment, our team is here to help. Please review the eligibility criteria in your state. If you're eligible, click the "I NEED A VACCINE" button above and one of our appointment specialists will be in touch to help you schedule an appointment. 

All information submitted to us will be kept private and shared with the team members of Brydge Health so we can help book your appointment. Our privacy policy is available here.

While we are a dedicated team of volunteers working on your behalf, unfortunately we cannot guarantee success. We encourage you to pursue all avenues available in order to secure a vaccine appointment. 

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